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  • December Poem of the Month

    December Poem of the Month

    I was not trying to find a poem that fit 2020. I was actually looking for a poem that said a little about our winter feelings and needs. Somehow, I came across this poem by Samuel Menashe. The line, “that did not melt “ is short but poignant. As we move on into 2021 with hopes that the simple turn of a second would change so much around us, we must remember but the snow that fell that second before that Clock turned midnight and ushered in a new year is still there. those choices we made, those choices that were made for us, and those choices we did not even know existed will carry over no matter how hard we try not to look. We may be in the same homes with the same people, carrying on about our everyday lives as we did before because yesterday snow may not melt as quickly as we thought, hoped, expected, wanted it to. And that might not be such a bad thing.

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  • What I will miss...

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    When it does finally melt, what is the snow you will miss?

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  • The Dead of Winter

    In my coat I sit
    At the window sill
    Wintering with snow
    That did not melt
    It fell long ago
    At night, by stealth
    I was where I am
    When the snow began