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  • ADHD Assessment to Intervention

    Pearson-Presented by: Peter C. Entwistle, PhD and Chris Husinec, MS        

    Thursday, January 31 | 11:00a.m El Paso Time (1:00 p.m. ET-indicated on Pearson’s registration site)

    A key hallmark of psychological assessment is that it provides information that can be used to facilitate the identification and diagnostic process for a student. Equally important is how data collected by these assessments can be used in the first steps of planning interventions.


  • Best Practices in Evaluation and Identification of ID

    Region 19-Presenter-Kara Zwolinski

    This session will enhance the participant's understanding of the evaluation and identification of intellectual disability. Participants will review the definition and criteria, including the principles of intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, for determining ID as an educational disability condition; understand the influencing factors and issues; analyze appropriate evaluation measures and components of a comprehensive assessment; and consider the role of clinical judgment in the identification process.