Voice of the Mountains: El Paso Speech Therapy Conference Speakers

  • Keynote Speaker:

    Elaine Fletcher-Janzen

    Elain Fletcher Jensen, D., NCSP, ABPdN

    • The Brain and Trauma: How Speech Pathologists can Navigate Trauma-Informed Practice AND The Neuropsychology of Executive Functions and Communication

    Bio: Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed.D., NCSP, ABPdN, obtained her doctorate in School Psychology from the College of William and Mary in 1993, and has been a school psychologist in the public schools, neuropsychiatric inpatient, and university settings for the past 34 years. Dr. Fletcher-Janzen received her Diploma in Pediatric Neuropsychology in 2010.

    Dr. Fletcher-Janzen has co-edited and authored sixteen books and reference works including the Encyclopedia of Special Education (Wiley) and the Diagnostic Desk Reference of Childhood Disorders (Wiley). She has also published the Neuropsychology of Women (Springer), the third edition of the Handbook of Clinical Child Neuropsychology (Springer), and Neuropsychological Perspectives on the Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities in the Era of RTI with John Wiley & Sons.

    Dr. Fletcher-Janzen's research interests address cross-cultural aspects of cognitive abilities, affective neuroscience and homeostatic function of emotions, neuropsychological aspects of chronic illness, and the systematic management of pediatric chronic illness in school and clinical settings.

    Dr. Fletcher-Janzen is a member of the National Association of School Psychologists, the International Neuropsychological Society, the American Psychological Association, Division 40, and the International School Psychology Association.

    Emily Homer

    Emily Homer, CCC-SLP

    • Laying the Foundations for Addressing Swallowing and Feeding in the School Setting
    • Students Eat Safely: Follow the Forms Procedure for Addressing Swallowing and Feeding in the School Setting
    • Maintaining Safety, Managing Feeding, and Improving Functional Eating Skills in the School Setting

    J Scott Yaruss

    J Scott Yaruss

    • Comprehensive Assessment of Stuttering
    • Treating stuttering in adolescents and adults
    • School-age stuttering therapy: A practical framework

     Phuong Palafox

    Phuong Palafox

    • Family First: Considerations for Understanding and Engaging our Families’ Diverse Needs
    • SLP, Hear Me Roar (Lunch Keynote)
    • Evidence-Based Practices for Supporting our Diverse Populations