Regina Bustillos



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Regina Bustillos

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NAME: Regina J. Bustillos

SCHOOL: Anthony High School


INSPIRATION: Investing in our future makes dreams come true.

SUPERSTAR MOMENT: Maya Angelou wrote, "I come as one, but stand as 10,000." What makes teaching worthwhile is when my students can take apart a PBL project and find a solution to it, when my students can be resourceful and find evidence to support their claims, when my students can speak two languages with confidence, when my students can spiral in their skills to real-world applications, and when my students can read to live and write to learn. It begins with a "hello" at the door and a "see you later" at the end. The passion for learning transferred from one student to another student to me helps us all 'stand as 10,000.'  These are all my superstar moments in my classroom. 

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