2019 CTE Conference App

  • Instructions for downloading and navigating the Region 19 ESC App:

    1. Download the “Region 19 ESC” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    2. Open the “ESC 19” app
    3. On the Homepage, these are the icon and its functionality:
      1. Click the “2019 CTE conference” icon on the home page and scroll down to the title “What to Expect”. Click on each icon to retrieve its information as described below:
        1. Schedule – View the 2019 CTE Conference at-a-glance agenda and room schedule.
        2. Sessions – Get a description about each session.
        3. Speakers/Presenters – View our Conference speakers, download Heather Justice’s presentation and view a list of all session presenters.
        4. Exhibitors/Vendors - Check out all the exhibitors and vendors that will be present during the conference and information about our raffle prizes.
        5. Win Prizes – Click here to get information about door and raffle prizes.
      2. Click the “Sessions” icon on the home page to view session descriptions, add it to “My events”, device calendar or enter notes.
      3. Click the “Conference Map” icon on the home page to download the CTE conference map of the convention center and room schedule.
      4. Click the “Register Now” icon to register for the conference.
      5. Click the “Presenters” icon to get information about ESC Region 19 and below the website address, click “Presenters” to get detailed information about presenter and their sessions.
      6. Click “Agenda At-a-glance” to get a summary schedule of the conference.
      7. Click the “Notifications” icon to get updates on room changes, door prizes and more.
      8. Click the “Win Prizes” icon to get more information about winning door and raffles prizes.
      9. Click the “Social media” icon to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
      10. Click the “Exhibitors/Vendors” icon to see a list of exhibitors and vendors at the conference.
      11. Click the “Keynote Speaker” icon to get more information about Brittany Wagner.
      12. Click the “Sponsors” icon to get more information about our conference sponsors.
      13. Click the “ESC Region 19 Homepage” icon to view our ESC website.
      14. Click the “Hotels” icon to book a stay with one of our hotel partners and view their discounted rate.
      15. Click the “Settings” icon to select language, rate the app, share and manage.