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    Defining Autism: From Nonverbal to Professional Speaker” is a presentation from award-winning national motivational speaker Dr. Kerry Magro on how he got to and survived the education experience growing up being on the spectrum and how his experiences, both good and bad, can help students with disabilities from early childhood to the transition into adulthood. Dr. Kerry Magro will present on his experiences with therapies focused on his early development, how he founded a disability awareness organization and a non-profit for special needs housing, his work on 3 best-selling books and much more!


    Dr. James and Chrissy Williams

    Relationships form in the most-interesting ways and they don't always make sense but having autism spectrum disorder makes them even more of a puzzle. Join the presenters as they discuss how their lives and experiences brought them together. They will discuss how their relationship and daily lives are challenged yet strengthened by James’ diagnosis of autism. In addition, they will present tips and resources for teaching relationship social skills to high-functioning individuals with ASD. Lastly, this session will further prove, that no matter what, an ASD will never be stronger than love.


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    Jesse Horn shares his story about growing up with Autism and the passion that changed his life. Jesse has been a member of The WSSA Team USA since 2011, AAU Junior Olympic Gold medalist, Winner of the 2014 Joel Ferrell award, and a guest star on “The Doctors” and “Access Live”. Jesse now travels across the country sharing his story in hopes of making a difference in the lives of kids diagnosed on the spectrum.

    Gwendolyn Harshaw




     Zayne Harshaw

    Once her son, Zayne, was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at the age of four, life changed instantly for Gwendolyn Harshaw. Two years prior to this discovery, she had left her career as a securities-licensed, financial wholesaler at a Fortune 500 company, in order to take care of her cancer-stricken parents. Upon their passing, the plan was for her to return back to the company and career she deeply cherished. But the autism diagnosis was simply too immense of an event to return to the status quo. Gwen and her husband, Gene, decided to delay her return to the corporate world in order to determine what their son needed.


    It was a journey filled with appointments, tests, consults and the utilization of the services of various speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, counselors, and even a behavioral pediatrician. As an active participant in the education and development of her son, Gwen also learned about the inner workings of many organizations that were active in the special needs community.