December 5th Schedule with rooms
December 6th Schedule with rooms
  • Break Out Sessions

    Thursday, December 5, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m.

    Dr. James Williams, CRC, ACAS

    “The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Post-Secondary Transition Planning for Students with ASD” 

    Dr. Kerry Magro, President/CEO, A Special Community

    “I Used to Be Bullied for Having Autism:  Here’s When it Stopped"

    Jennifer Brodbeck, Diane Flores, Elvia Flores, Clarissa Rivas, and Candace Morales,

     ASD Specialists, Socorro ISD

    “CHUNK THIS!  Differentiating Instruction through Reinforcement and Other Evidence Based Practices"

    Dr. Terri McGinnis, Education Specialist, ESC-Region 1 (Edinburg, Tx.)

    “Hijacked by Anxiety:  How Anxiety Can Rob the Gifts from Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders!"

    Tammy Edwards and Diana Mooy, Socorro ISD/Horizon Heights Elementary

    “C2 and Breaking Barriers”

    Christian Avera, Education Specialist, ESC-Region 9 (Wichita Falls, Tx.)

    “CELEBRATING Classroom Organization and Visual Supports”

     YISD, Students, Administrators, Teachers, and Autism Specialists

    “Follow Your Dreams…Becoming a Population of One Uniting to Serve Others”

    Jo Mascorro, M.Ed., Consultant for Education

    “De-escalation with Dignity… Crisis Team Practices with Emphasis on Proactive vs. Reactive Responses When Responding to Individuals Who Demonstrate Extreme Behavior Challenges

     Mike Longoria, a.k.a. Dr. Mike!, Ph.D. Early Childhood Education

    Music and Movement:  Making Learning Fun and Exciting!”


    Friday, December 6, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

     Gene Harshaw

    “A Dad’s Perspective:  Let’s Get To Know the Father Figures”

     Layne Pethick, Autism and Behavior Consultant, ESC-Region 10 (Richardson, Tx.)

    “Autism and the Brain:  Better Understanding for Better Support”

     Michael Tucker, M.Ed., Autism Consultant, ESC-Region 11 (Fort Worth, Tx.)

    “Identifying Preferences through Direct Assessment:  What Do You Want?” 

     Matt Williams, Autism and PPCD Consultant,  ESC-Region 8 (Mount Pleasant, Tx.)

    “Structured TEACCHing:  Ready, Set, Go!"

     Darcy Schiller, M.S., Autism Education Specialist, ESC-Region 13 (Austin, Tx.)

    “Do You Want Free Autism Training?  Come Play a Scavenger Hunt to Find What is Available for YOU by the State of Texas!”

     Albert Villa, M.Ed., Consultant for Behavior and Mental Health, ESC-Region 19 (El Paso, Tx.)

    “Our Wellness is in Our Hands:  Transforming Compassion Fatigue into Compassion Satisfaction”

     Donna Cuevas, M.Ed., Professional Development Consultant, ESC-Region 19 (El Paso, Tx.)

    “Double the Coding, Double the Fun!  How to Engage your Dual Exceptional Students”

     Sheryl Wilcox, M.Ed., Early Childhood Specialist and Leah Wood, M.A., Life Skills and Transition Specialist, ESC-Region 19 (El Paso, Tx.)

    “Who Needs to Ask?  A Make and Take Session!” 

     Jeff Key, M. Ed., Lubbock Cooper ISD

    “Physical Education for Students with Autism and  Sensory Issues:  Active Presentation ”