Text Book Adoption Information

  • Along with new standards comes new resources.  We understand how important it is to choose high quality resources that will be used for years to come.  Region 19 has been taking a large role in the new Texas Resource Review, a TEA program that strives to provide independent, objective, and comprehensive reviews for resources from publishers operating in Texas.  To read those reviews, please visit www.texasresourcereview.org.  Unfortunately, not all publishers submit their books for review.  If your district is interested in a certain resource being reviewed, you can request a review through TEA.  

    If you would like to use the current rubrics created by the TRR, please visit https://texasresourcereview.org/how-trr-works/current-rubrics  or click on the links below:


  • If you would like more information or guidance in choosing your resources, please contact Linda Caudillo.