• Stompin Out the Stigma on Mental Health Conference

    “Stompin’ Out the Stigma on Mental Health Conference” will be postponed until further notice.

    ESC-Region 19 is still actively monitoring the situation  regarding the current status of COVID-19 in our communities. At this time, we will post-pone the conference scheduled for March 25th at 11670 Chito Samaniego until further notice.  We appreciate your understanding and know that as soon as we identify the new date for the event, we will notify you. 


    If you have any questions/concerns about this event please contact:


    Daniely Gutierrez, dgutierrez@esc19.net, 915-780-5356

    Mary Palomino, mepalomino@esc19.net, 915-780-5347





    Did you know that the time frame for a person to get help for mental illness is from 10- 14 years? Mental Health issues can lead students to referral discipline, suspension, or even dropping out of school and the consequences of the school-related discipline lead to underemployment, unemployment, prison and very marginal quality of life.


    Come and learn how you can make the difference by having a healthy attitude about mental issues.  In our society, the stigma around the topic of mental illness among teens, parents, and the community creates a barrier that can prevent individuals from getting the help they need. The best way to stomp out stigma is by talking openly about it and having the right attitude.


    This conference will empower parents to speak about mental issues and to provide that very needed dialogue with their children so that they can perform better in and out of school.


    For more information visit esc19.net or contact Daniely Gutierrez at 915-780-5356 or Mary Palomino at (915) 780-5347


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