• How To Become Awarded


    Vendors interested in becoming awarded and selling products or services to a member need to follow the steps below. 


    1. Register your company to be notified of upcoming solicitations here.  This registration does NOT make you an awarded vendor.  This step simply lets us know that vendors are interested in providing products or services.  Once you have registered, you will be notified about solicitations based on the commodity code selection made during the registration process.  Commodity codes can be updated at any time and you do not have to have a commodity checked in order to respond to a solicitation.


    2. Once a solicitation has been issued for the products or services you provide, you must respond to the solicitation to be considered for award.  All bid submittals are through the electronic bidding system.  You can log into the system here.  If you have not previously registered, please see Step 1.  To respond to the solicitation, you must complete all required steps in the solicitation.  Required steps will have a red astrisk (*) next to them. It is strongly encouraged that you view all items in all tabs to ensure nothing is missed.  The system also has a Help button at the top of the page.  The bid response must be submitted before the closing date and time.  The system will not accept any late proposals even if you are completing the steps at that time.  Missing the solicitation deadline means that you will need to wait until a new solicitation is issued for those products and services.  Vendors are highly encouraged to respond when the solicitation is open as the schedule for reissuing varies from 1 to 5 years. 


    3. Once your proposal has been submitted and the solicitation is closed, ASC will review the bid responses and consider proposals that meet the minimum criteria listed under the solicitation for award.  All vendors will be notified upon award or non-award.  Awarded bid information will also be posted on our website.  At this time, bids are not awarded in the electronic bidding system.  If you are awarded, you will be provided a contract number.  That number lets members know you have completed the process.  Awarded vendors will be provided with additional information once the process is complete.  Becoming an awarded vendor does NOT guarantee business.  Having a contract award qualifies you for potential future business from members.


    Any questions regarding the above process can be emailed to rshernandez@esc19.net


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