• Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How do I become an awarded vendor?

       You can find information on how to become awarded here.


    2. I have registered in the system but I don't see a number.  Where can I find my number?

       Vendors must be awarded to have a contract number.  See How to Become Awarded for information on the process.


    3. I need to update my information.  What do I need to do?

       Awarded vendors can send a signed request on company letterhead referencing the contract number and providing the information to update to rshernandez@esc19.net. 

       Non Awarded vendors can update information on the bidding site here


    4. Where can I find a list of current members?

       Membership information is restricted to awarded vendors only.  The membership list can be found here.  The username and password are NOT the same as the bidding system. 


    5. Where can I find current awarded information?

       Current awarded contracts can be found here.


    Have a question that is not listed above?  Email it to rshernandez@esc19.net.