• About Our Services: We can……

    • facilitate a qualitative transformational needs assessment and action planning process for continuous improvement
    • conduct a detailed special education documentation review
    • support districts with their Operating Procedures
    • conduct a standardized desk review of randomly selected student folders, classroom observations to verify IEP alignment, service verification, and accommodation implementation in preparation for a Cyclical review
    • conduct a basic special education program evaluation
    • support districts in compliance and monitoring processes
    • work collaboratively with district teams in preparing for TEAs Differentiated Monitoring and Support process with guided timelines
    • support district teams with the annually required self-assessment through action step planning
    • support district teams with annually required strategic support plan thorough root cause analysis and action step planning

    Additionally, these services offer individualized support to your district/charter as you engage in the monitoring system from the Texas Education Agency, Differentiated Monitoring and Support (DMS). Our support services are guided by TEA and the State Liaisons who have developed a collaborative process to get your team ready for review as well as impact outcomes for students with disabilities.  

    These services are currently funded through a grant and can be individually selected depending on your district’s needs. We are here to assist your school district/charter in identifying areas of strength and areas of opportunity. Trust ESC-Region 19 to support you with personnel who are vested in our educational community.  

    Thank you kindly, 

    Anna and Monica