Meet David J. Flood

  • Flood with group of parents.     Flood with his family


    Raising a child with autism, David has been a first hand witness to the impact that other adults continue to have on his son. He feels that adult connections and mentorship in schools are one of the most integral parts of improving school climate and culture. Kids do not always connect with each other and may need the help of an adult, other than their parent or guardian, to foster those connections. David’s adult presentations will teach staff how to bring kids from a place separate and superior to connected and compassionate. Like all of us he is acutely aware, through his own life and the life of his son, that we all have to go through struggles in life to grow.   When it comes to kids he knows that all adults can do a better job of helping young people navigate the rough waters of life. Not going through teen problems for them but going through it with them.

    David’s adult presentation will be intermixed with personal stories like all his talks. It will also have fact based alarming statistics about this generation and how disconnected they are. He recommends books from multiple authors as resources for attendees. He will also give people his 10 Ways to Connect with Kids. Using just a few of these connection ideas any adult can help the students that they come into contact with to flourish in school and life.


  • “David’s PD models for teachers by training them how to speak more appropriately and interact with students in a better way. It also improves teachers’ social skills and interpersonal interactions through modeling and redirecting. His topic focuses on treating all people with dignity and respect especially those with special needs.” Dr. Tani Foger Ed.D Principal


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    David’s narrative as a youth speaker comes first hand; he grew up impacted by addiction in his family; he married and became a father of two children, his oldest is a special needs son; he is active in his church; he is a hospice volunteer who visits with terminally ill patients; and is on the board of K.I.D.S. Plus, Inc. a non-profit organization which helps special needs children through sports and other activities. David attends meetings and participates in activities with The Anti-Bias Consortium Nassau County Schools. He is a member of The Northport-East Northport Drug and Alcohol Task Force.


    David’s life teaches him every day about dignity, understanding, patience, forgiveness, and most of all unconditional love. As a youth motivational speaker David has spoken in 38 states and Canada to over 400,000 students, inspiring them to look at people and things in a different way. His Facebook videos have received over 100 million views. He speaks with passion and conviction and through his humility, leaves his audience with so much to think about in their formative years as they move into their future.