FEB 15, 2022


    Conference Theme: Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) 

    The Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) is a process to create a more stream-lined approach to school mental health and wellness by connecting all social-emotional-behavioral (SEB) efforts through one system, while eliminating barriers inherent in systems that previously have operated separately.

    8:30 – 9:00 – Opening – Education Service Center Staff – Region 19

    9:00 – 10:30 – General Session: Integrating Initiatives:  Making Sense of RTI, PBIS, and MTSS to improve student mental health

    Conference Room: Rio Grande Summit Room

    Presenter:  Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon

    Session Description: Now more than ever, it is imperative that we collaborate to address mental health and wellness in our schools and communities. During this keynote, Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon will uncover how RTI, PBIS and MTSS fit together with integrated system frameworks that result in equitable outcomes for all students.  In this engaging session, you’ll discover how to design your MTSS WITH students, families, and communities so that all students have the opportunity to succeed. You will leave with concrete strategies for moving your PBIS team work forward all while engaging in reflective thinking and systems planning.

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    10:45 – 11:45 – Breakout Sessions (Round One: Sessions A-D)

    Breakout Session A: Teaming

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    Conference Room: Room 2 (Sunset Room)

    Presenter: Dr. Bella Bikowsky

    Session Description: Team meeting processes can go one of two ways: effective and efficient use of everyone’s time or a complete waste of everyone’s time. In education today, we do not have time for the later. We are moving and shaking and need to have team meeting processes to match. In this breakout, we will learn the foundation of how to run an efficient, effective team meeting process. Dr. Bikowsky will walk participants through the team-initiated problem solving (TIPS) model and learners will leave with the knowledge of planning, implementing, and sustaining best practice meeting foundations with the use of data for problem solving and decision-making. 

    Breakout Session B: Canutillo District Interconnected Systems Framework: “Back to the Future” Canutillo ISD Positive Behavior Interventions Support Implementation Across Space and Time

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    Conference Room: Room 3 (Scenic Drive Room)

    Presenters: Dr. Monica Reyes, Executive Director Student Support Services Division, Nicole Morales, Director for Student and Community Services,

    Rosario Olivera, Canutillo ISD Social Services Consultant/UTEP,  

    Jesus Juarez, Prevention Specialist/PBIS District Coordinator

    Session Description: This session will showcase Canutillo ISD’s global efforts through the past, present and future in assisting campuses, students, and community with multi-tiered levels of support.  We will share the success stories and challenges encountered while supporting social emotional learning in an integrated systems framework.

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    Breakout Session C: El Paso District Interconnected Systems Framework: Supporting a Positive, Social-Emotional Recovery During the COVID Pandemic on Campuses in EPISD

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    Conference Room: Room 4 (Trans Mountain Room)

    Presenter: Jennifer DeGraaf

    Session Description:  This session will share the EPISD highlights and continuous improvement strategies that support elements of the Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) as we continue the pandemic recovery.  As (ISF) is a structure and process to integrate Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and School Mental Health (Social-Emotional) within school systems, our educators benefit from hearing the lessons learned and the continuation of strategies that work from district perspectives.

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    Breakout Session D: Clint District Interconnected Systems Framework

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    Conference Room: Room 5 (Mountain Trail Room)

    Presenters: Elizabeth Cabada, Yolanda Barrios, Deborah Luevanos, Sylvia Luevano.

    Session Description: Attendees will learn about our district’s ongoing journey implementing SEL and PBIS as an integrated approach. We will share the effects of this approach on our 13 schools: things we have done well and share opportunities for continued growth. We will share the ingredients that have made Clint ISD a PBIS implementation of SEL and PBIS practices, using data to make decisions, impact of our approach on behaviors, culture, and academics, overcoming obstacles, and success moving forward.   

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    11:45- 1:15 – Lunch (on your own)

    1:30 – 2:30 – Breakout Sessions (E-H)

    Breakout Session E: Strengthen your Tier 2 Systems

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    Conference Room: Room 2 (Sunset Room)

    Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon

    Session Description: Are you wanting to move your Tier 2 systems to the next level? This session will provide an overview of essential components for developing Tier 2 social/emotional and behavioral supports. Dr. Betters-Bubon will discuss systems, including decision making guides, ways to use data to guide your decisions and evidence-based practices to implement with students. Bring your questions and your ideas and be ready to do some systems planning and problem solving.

    Breakout Session F: Canutillo District Interconnected Systems Framework: Elementary Campus Implementation: PBIS AT WORK

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    Conference Room: Room 3 (Scenic Drive Room)

    Presenters: Maria Alarcon-Principal Garcia Elementary School, Ruben Aguirre, Assistant Principal Marvin Parker, PBIS Teacher Coach

    Session Description:  In this presentation, you will hear about the experiences in implementing PBIS schoolwide (barriers and successes).  We will discuss the importance of both, students and staff, modeling the expectations. Additionally, we will share how we recognize and justify the positive behavior.    

    Breakout Session G: El Paso District Interconnected Systems Framework: Supporting a Positive, Social-Emotional Recovery During the COVID Pandemic on Campuses in EPISD.

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    Conference Room: Room 4 (Trans Mountain Room)

    Presenter Panel:

    Administrators: Dr. Cynthia Ontiveros, Mark Paz, Micaela Varela, Rafael Guardado

    Student SEL Leaders: Haidi Alvarez (Sophomore), Hannah Conner (Junior), Marcus Moreno (Senior), Jordan Porflit (Senior), Stephanie Porter (Senior), Lindsey Williams (Senior)

    Session Description: This session will focus on the campus perspectives in implementing the PBIS and SEL frameworks during the pandemic.  Campus administrators and students on our SEL Student Leadership team will be included as panelists to provide opportunities for discussion, sharing, and collaboration with a focus on wellness, mental health, and social-emotional learning from the campus principal and student viewpoint.

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    Breakout Session H: Succeeding the Alternative Way: Socorro ISD, Keys & Options High School

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    Conference Room: Room 5 (Mission Trail Room)

    Presenters: Dr. Magdalena Aguilar, Fernando Bustos, Manuel Lopez

    Session Description: Socorro ISD has a total student enrollment of 46,932 students. In this presentation you will hear from staff at two of the most successful alternative schools in Texas. The staff from KEYS Academy and Options High School will describe their multitiered support systems in behavior, mental health and community that has paved the way for many students to achieve a successful graduation.  They will describe systems of campus-based interventions and supports for student recognitions, opportunities for hope and initiatives that promote collaboration and academic success. 

    2:45 – 3:45 – General Closing Session: Integrating Initiatives: Putting It All Together

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    Conference Room: Room 1 (Rio Grande Summit Room)

    Presenter: Dr. Bella Bikowsky’s

    Session Description: After a full day of learning, Dr. Bikowsky’s closing keynote will address specific takeaways from the day including solidifying the need for implementing integrated systems within school buildings as well as foundational aspects of connecting with families and communities. We know from our research on evidenced base practices in schools, the keys to building a successful system include equity, access, and inclusion. This spans throughout our entire system, with an end goal of multi-tiered systems of support for supporting students and their families. These systems do not happen unintentionally, they take time and intention with a clear focus and goals. Dr. Bikowsky will share her experiences supporting thousands of educators throughout the nation on building the infrastructure to support this work.

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    Education Service Center Region 19: Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS): Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) Website  https://www.esc19.net/Page/1666

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