Program Overview

  • Certification Requirements


    Coursework and Training

    • 30 hours of Field-Based Experience Observation
    • 270 hours of training (attendance for entire course)
    • Coursework completion (assignments for entire course)
    • Tuition paid in full
    • Technology Fee paid


    TExES Exams

    • Content Exam
    • Science of Teaching Reading (if applicable)
    • Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) or edTPA
    • Supplemental Exam (if applicable)


    *Remember! You must take/pass the qualifying practice exam in the TPCP office before you can register to take the state exam.


    Internship Eligibility


    • Complete 150 hours of training
    • Pass your content-area exam with the state
    • Pass the Science of Teaching Reading exam (if applicable­)


    Internship Pathways

    • Clinical Internship  [14 weeks, M-F for the entire school day]​
      • You are learning and teaching alongside a mentor teacher, in his/her classroom, planning and delivering lessons using best practices.  TPCP places you in a selected campus/classroom.​
    • Hired Internship [1 year; this is a teaching position]​
      • You are in your own classroom with your own students, planning and delivering lessons using best practices. You have an assigned mentor teacher who will provide support on campus.  You apply for teaching positions on your own.​ 
    • Year-Long Paid Internship [1 year; this is a clinical teaching position at one of our partner campuses with pay]​
      • You are learning and teaching alongside a mentor teacher in their classroom but also assigned duties at the campus. You must apply for this position.


    About Hired Internships

    All internships must take place in a TEA- accredited school which includes:

    • All public schools
    • Most charter/public schools
    • Most parochial schools

    Participants should be able to search the internet, download Word documents and other files, manipulate Excel spreadsheets, and create PowerPoint presentations.