• As a collaborative effort between El Paso Community College and Education Service Center 19, we have created an opportunity for you to serve as a K-12 substitute teacher throughout our region!

    As an ESC 19 Regional Substitute you can:

    1. Grow and gain experience in the high-need field of education.
    2. Gain the necessary skills to successfully work with students, campuses and districts across our region. Pay range depending on college hours and certifications ranges from $100-$125 daily.
    3. Continually sharpen your skills and remain up-to-date with the latest research-based classroom practices through our ESC19 Substitute Academy.

    Program Qualifications:

    1. Complete and submit the ESC19 Regional Substitute Application
    2. Minimum of 45 semester hours of college credit from an accredited college/university.
    3. Must attend scheduled trainings at ESC19 Substitute Academy.
    4. Apply to assigned district after attending scheduled trainings at ESC19 Substitute Academy.
    5. Able to communicate and present, in English, in front of large groups.
    6. Must meet all requirements under the criminal background check.
    7. Must possess computer skills.
    8. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate in English with district employees, parents and students.
  • Contact: 

    Teresa Hinojos 

    (915) 780-5338

    Terri Escandon

    (915) 780-5380


    You can submit your

    • Application
    • Copy of Driver's License
    • Unofficial Transcripts
    • Copy of High School Diploma

    to Terri Escandon at