Program Overview

  • Librarian Alternative Certification Program


    Requirements for Certification 


    Coursework and Training

    • 160 hours of Field-Based Internship under the supervision of a qualified mentor
    • 200 hours of Classroom-Based training
    • Coursework completion (assignments for entire course) 
    • All required documentation completed and submitted 
    • Tuition paid in full 
    • Technology Fee paid


    Librarian Certification Exams

    • 150 Texas School Librarian Exam

                *Note: You must take/pass the qualifying practice exam in the ACP office before you can register for the 150 Texas School Librarian Exam.


    About internships

    All internships must be under the supervision of a qualified mentor and must take place in a TEA-accredited school which includes: 

    • All public school
    • Most charter/ public schools
    • Most parochial school