• ARTE: 

    Artista local: Roberto Dozal 




    Artist Statement 

    My fascination with art began after watching a charcoal artist on a children’s television show when I was six years old.  Using a charcoal stick, the artist would create beautiful landscapes making broad areas as well as sharp lines by taking advantage of the shape of the charcoal stick. 
    Watching someone create a finished drawing in a couple of minutes is what captivated and inspired me to learn more about art.  I remember telling my mother and family members that I would one day become an artist just like the one on television. 
    While studying at the University of Texas at El Paso I took the time to research all kinds of artists, spending many hours examining the work of the old masters, the impressionists and more contemporary artists. Diego Velasquez, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Sargent, and Lucian Freud are some of my influences.