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  •  How do we increase the academic fragile student performance?


    • Academic fragile students benefit from instruction centering on literacy with a focus on awareness, fluency, enhanced explicit vocabulary, and text comprehension for academic success.
    • The five strategies presented in the Fundamental 5 offers students strategies to implement in order to engage and interact with their peers and the teacher, leading the classroom talk through critical thinking.
    • Through instructional conversations (frequent, small group, purposeful classroom talk, collaboration, writing critically) and meaningful activities, students practice and apply new language and content knowledge.
    • Through working directly with the instructional core, teacher, students and curriculum
      • Increase the knowledge and skills of teachers
      • Provide academically challenging strategies to work within any given curriculum
      • Engage students in their own learning


    Fundamental 5        

    Fundamental 5 training supports the campus’s initiatives of implementing a rigorous program of study for students through quality instruction focusing on the five critical practices based on the research in the Fundamental 5. These strategies have been recognized as being successful with a focus on rigorous instructional practices leading to college readiness.


    Components of Fundamental 5


    • Fundamental 5: Book Study Activity
    • Sum up and Reflection
    • Framing the Lesson
    • Learning Objective and Product
    • Power Zone
    • Praise and Encouragement
    • Frequent Small Group Purposeful Talk
    • Writing Critically



    Components of trainings will include the following:


    1. Overview of Fundamental 5 to focus on Writing Critically (writing-to-learn)
    2. Critical components to lesson plan design through PLCs
    3. Student Data Assessment: formative and summative through PLCs
    4. Classroom Modeling/Co-Teaching
      1. Collaborating with teachers in lesson design
      2. Implementation of strategies to maintain classroom vibrancy
      3. Follow-up sessions to debrief with teachers on student engagement and performance


  • Contact Information
    Nellie Ugarte 
    Professional Development Consultant 
    College Readiness
    Manuel D Aldaco
    District Admin & Certification Programs
    College Readiness/Positive Behavior Support
    Prof Dev Consultant






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