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Effective Schools Framework (ESF)

  • The goal of the Effective Schools Framework is to provide a clear vision for what districts and schools across the state do to ensure an excellent education for all Texas students. The framework, based on years of educational research of best practices, identifies 5 levers that are essential for successful school outcomes. 

    -TEA (

    • Lever 1: Strong School Leadership and Planning
      • EA 1.1: Developing campus instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, teacher leaders, and counselors) with clear roles and responsibilities.
      • EA 1.2: Compelling and aligned vision, mission, goals, values focused on a safe environment, high expectations, and rigorous instruction.
      • EA 1.3: Focused plan development and regular monitoring of implementation and outcomes.
    • Lever 2: Strategic Staffing
      • EA 2.1: Recruit, select, assign, induct, and retain a full staff of highly qualified educators
    • Lever 3: Positive School Culture
      • EA 3.1:Explicit school-wide behavioral expectations and culture routines
      • EA 3.2: Proactive and responsive student support services
      • EA 3.3: Involving families and community
    • Lever 4: High-quality instructional materials and assessments
      • EA 4.1: Daily use of high-quality instructional materials
    • Lever 5: Effective Instruction
      • EA 5.1: Professional Development for Effective Classroom Instruction
      • EA 5.2: Build teacher capacity through observation and feedback cycles
      • EA 5.3: Data-driven instruction
      • EA 5.4: MTSS for students with learning gaps


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