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    Collaborative Landscape: Unpacking Opportunities and Deconstructing Barriers Through Regional Partnerships

  • The El Paso Borderplex Asset Map & Gap Analysis Report


    The Asset Map & Gap Analysis report, spearheaded by Education Service Center Region 19 as the regional Tri-Agency convener, delves into the dynamic landscape of the El Paso Borderplex region.  


    Characterized by its diverse demographics and unique economic challenges, the Borderplex presents a rich tapestry for fostering collaboration between education and the local labor market. With a focus on bridging the divide between student readiness and industry demands, the report meticulously examines the current state of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming. It identifies key gaps and opportunities and proposes strategies for sustainable growth and enhancement. Central to its narrative is the pivotal role of the regional convener in catalyzing collaboration and innovation among stakeholders.


    Through a concerted effort, the Borderplex endeavors to craft a more cohesive and pragmatic approach to workforce development, aligning educational initiatives with economic imperatives. This report, serving as an asset map and gap analysis, lays the groundwork for a future-oriented educational paradigm in the Borderplex. By fostering industry-aligned, student-centric pathways, it not only meets the needs of today's employers but also anticipates the evolving demands of tomorrow's workforce. Moreover, it underscores the critical responsibilities of the regional convener in driving strategic planning and facilitating seamless coordination across partners, thus ensuring the realization of shared goals for regional prosperity and competitiveness.



  • HB 1247, The Tri-Agency Partnership


    The 87th Texas Legislature, in 2021 tasked the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to develop a strategic framework to encourage work based learning (WBL) in Texas. The partnership, known as the Tri-Agency Partnership, submitted their strategic plan to the Texas Legislature focusing on three principle priorities to encourage WBL in Texas across the different learning stages of Texans. The report below outlines the framework developed through the Tri-Agency and provides context to the continued work that is being undertaken by all stakeholders.