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  • We want to be your source of information and a resource to help you provide your students with purposeful content. If you need help with robotics, micro-controllers, ideas, engineering design cycle, "why is a patent important", or just support for your campus STEM/STEAM we can help.

STEM Institute


    Lets Talk, Read, and Sing about STEM!

    From birth, children are curious. You can build on that natural curiosity by developing their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Use daily routines to build on skills and concepts in math and science. By talking, reading, singing, playing, signing or using other ways to communicate—whatever works best for your infant, toddler or preschooler—you can help develop her STEM skills through play and exploration. 

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  • STEM/STEAM Follow-up Series


    Come Join us for follow on content specific sessions in STEM.  Each session will begin with a whole group discussion and instruction.  The afternoons will be filled with hands on activity and learning. 



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  • Critical Thinking

    A simple method to test yourself and your students during any project is to teach and review the elements of critical thinking.  Critical Thinking organization provides an interactive website that will let you and your students interact with the 8 elements.  Each section is highlighted with a bundle of questions that provides formative assessments during the project.

    Critical Thinking



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