• Professional Development Opportunities


    The Education Service Center - Region 19 provides professional development opportunities for teachers who want to fulfill the 30-hour state requirement as well as the 6-hour yearly update.  Professional development is offered face to face as well as online.  Each session that encompasses the 30-hour requirement is offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring semester. Contact Anabel Gonzalez for more information about registration and/or course availability. 

  • G/T Online Course Schedule - through Region 13 Modules 




    All year $100

    G/T Online ESC 19: Nature and Needs of G/T Students

    All year $100

    G/T Online ESC 19: Assessing the Needs of G/T Students

    All year $100

    G/T Online ESC 19: Designing Curriculum for G/T Students

    All year $100

    G/T Online ESC 19: Differentiating Instruction for G/T Students

    All year $100

    G/T Online ESC 19: Setting Standards for G/T Students

    All year $100

    G/T Online ESC 19: Administrator/Counselor Training


  •  Online Course Registration Procedures


    • Create an account in the following two web links:

                 REGION 13: https://ecampus.esc13.net/login.html

                 REGION 19: https://https://www.esc19.net/


    • Once you have created the accounts, send a confirmation email to agonzalez2@esc19.net with one of the following forms of payment and a list of the course(s) you are interested in: *School PO: be sure to list your name and the sessions in order. *If paying with credit card send the completed payment authorization form,a copy of the front & back of the credit card and the front & back of an Identification card.


    • A Registration confirmation is emailed, followed by a welcome e-mail from the instructor.


    • You will be registered for additional sessions upon completion. If applicable feel free to send an e-mail request to move, you to the next course.


    • Each teacher must keep track of their own hours and which classes are needed.


    • All classes are allotted 3-4 weeks to complete.


    • Please be advised that there will be a $25.00 processing fee for any cancelations. After the 14 days of registration the fee for the class will be non-refundable when cancelling.


    • Transcripts are available to print from your account upon completion


    • Participants will be dropped from the course if it isn’t completed by the deadline given.


    • Deadlines vary