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    The Premium Suite includes at no extra cost Aware, Forethought, Workshop, PDAS, Helpdesk, formspace and Facilities & Events. Please See below for more information about some of these products.



    SchoolObjects:aware will take your benchmarking experience to a whole new level! Instant results from one central location are a mouse click away. Not only so you can access and analyze data, but so you can develop benchmark tests, and even build student personal graduation plans. Just think of the time you will save!



    • Analyze TAKS data in a rich, interactive grid
    • Create and share custom data views to focus on important issues for your district
    • Develop easy-to-administer benchmark tests
    • Print answer documents on plain paper and scan with inexpensive retail scanners
    • Create a district bank of benchmark questions
    • Build student personal graduation plans
    • Deploy secure student forms for almost any purpose
    • Create views of data for easy publishing to staff members
    • Generate graphs automatically as you are interacting with your data
    • Connect external data for analysis



    Finally, a lesson planner that fits the way you plan. SchoolObjects:forethought is a simple planner and curriculum management application that was created with teachers in mind.

    • Develop district scope and sequence online
    • Create clarifying documents on best practices
    • Align curriculum with TEKS and TAKS
    • Develop district bank of exemplary activities and lessons
    • Collaborate with shared plans and team planning
    • Rich text planning area for attractive lesson plans
    • Plan a day-at-a-time or for a week's subject-at-a-time
    • Easily copy plans from year-to-year or week-to-week
    • No more turning in lesson plans!



    • Advanced form management toolset
    • Build online forms and surveys for district personnel and your community
    • Analyze and export information using powerful reporting and data tools
    • Develop automated and dynamic free flowing workflows for approvals and notifications
    • Easy-to-learn form editor tool
    • Easily gather information with web forms and export to custom documents with mail merge
    • Save reams and reams of paper and reduce printing costs! Go ‘green’ with FormSpace!


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