Financial Assistance for LACe






    Application Fee 


    $       75.00 


    Technology Fee 


    $       35.00 




    $ 5,500.00 


    Probationary Certificate* 


    $       52.00


    TExES School Librarian Test Fee*


    $     120.00 


    Standard Certificate *


    $      77.00

     Second Probationary Certificate*   

    Fingerprinting SBEC*


    $       47.00 


    $      52.00


    Out of Region Tuition Fee* (Internship not in Region 19) 


    $    1,000.00


    Extension Fee (Use Second Probationary)


    $    700.00





    Fees marked with (*) are set by the State Board of Educator Certification and are not paid to ESC-Region 19.  These fees are subject to change.

    The TExES exam and certification fees are paid separately prior to completion of the LACe program and are subject to change.


    ESC-Region 19 Payment Plan:

    Tuition Cost: $5,500 

    • Pre-Service I: $1,375 (Fall) 
    • Pre-Service II: $1,375 (Winter) 
    • Pre-Service III: $1,375 (Spring) 
    • Pre-Service IV: $1,375 (Summer)

    Once accepted into LACe, interns will be provided with a session number to register on Click & Learn for each individual pre-service. Registration and payment on Click & Learn may be done in person or online with the provided session number.

    Pre-Service payment and registration is required prior to attending class.

    Students a 3rd party must have applied and been approved before the 1st day of class. Students are responsible for contacting the ACP office and providing documentation of approved funding. If tuition funds are being sent directly to ESC-Region 19, the Alternative Certification office will register the student for the respective pre-service. 

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    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board:

    College Access Loan: The CAL Program provides alternative educational low-interest loans to Texas residents/students who are unable to meet the cost of attendance. ​

    Future Occupations and Reskilling Workforce Advancement to Reach Demand (FORWARD) Loan Program: new low-interest loan option for Texas students. The FORWARD Loan Program is designed for students who are seeking a specific degree or certification program within the fields of Energy, Nursing/Patient Care, Teaching, Technology, and Transportation/Logistics.



    The My Career Advancement Account Scholarship is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of tuition assistance to eligible military spouses who are pursuing a license, certification or associate degree to gain employment in an occupation or career field.   


    Roxanne Villasana

    Program Specialist
    (Finance/Loan Technician)
    (915) 780-5352