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  • Educate Texas is an alliance between both public and private groups with one goal in mind, and that is to Educate Texas.  Our students need to have the tools necessary so succeed in the workforce and in life.  The alliances that are created are meant to strengthen the public education system in Texas.  Educate Texas focuses on four primary systems to drive this initiative. 


    College ready standards and practices center around many programs, but the impact can be seen in our Early College High Schools and STEM Academies.  When our students are supported and actively engaged in these programs, we see the achievement gap close and college readiness is more evident.  Locally we can see evidence of this with the partnership between EPCC and Clint ISD. These two entities, alongside the Greater Texas Foundation and the Meadows Foundation, have embedded the use of the Common Instructional Framework so that all students being served by the Early College High School leave the program being college ready.


    The Workforce Solutions Borderplex and the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce have provided opportunities to give our local students access to resources that will help them as they make their transition to post-secondary education.  These organizations have supported financial aid efforts in our region, provided our students resources to research their career inventory and interests, as well as simplifying the process of applying to college.  Their partnerships with our local higher educational institutions provide an invaluable source of support.


    Education goes nowhere without human capital. The Educate Texas Education Leadership initiative was created as a way to support school leaders, increase student performance and work towards college readiness.  One such initiative is the Urban Council of Superintendents.  Mr. Juan Cabrera, superintendent for El Paso Independent School District, was selected chair of this particular council.  The council serves as a forum to share innovative ideas across the state of Texas.


     The Educate Texas website puts it best, "Leveraging the Power of Collaboration."  Educate Texas does not happen without different entities coming together and creating a community that is educated and supported when discussing post-secondary education. 


    Below you will find a link to the Educate Texas website, where you can find more information.


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