• Elementary Education Services

    The academic progress of Migrant students in grades PK-5th is closely monitored in order to close academic gaps.  Through the use of supplemental and innovative strategies Instructional Staff provide individual, small group, in class, and I-Pad initiative.  Students are provided with a state mandated curriculum, Making Mathematics Meaningful (MMM), and are guided using strategies in the areas of Mathematics and Reading.  Through extensive collaboration between the MEP Program, Teachers, Counselors, and Parents we are able to help students reach academic success. 
    Middle School Education Services
    Instructional Staff closely monitors the academic progress of migrant students in grades 6th - 8th and provides services that include tutor sessions and workshops.  Supplemental and differentiated teaching instruction is offered by instructional staff to all MEP middle school students either in an individual, small group, or in class setting in a effort to provide academic support. Workshops geared toward improving the academic potential of students in state mandated exams, STAAR, are provided throughout the school year. Middle school students are also invited and encouraged to attend a middle school retreat to enhance HB5 awareness, address current social issues, and explore careers. Partnership amongst MEP staff, teachers, counselors, parents, and students allows for us to alleviate academic barriers and ensure students are well equipped lifelong learners.
    Graduation Enhancement

    The Migrant Education Program staff continually work with school district personnel to ensure migrant students meet graduation requirements without compromising the quality of education the students receive. The Migrant Education Program Instructional Officers and Instructional Technology Specialist work collaboratively with campus teams to focus on specific areas of need for migrant students such as credit accrual for graduation, credit recovery, ESL instruction, attendance, leadership development, personal growth, counseling, student entry/withdrawal from schools among others. Flexibility and versatility in programming and scheduling coursework is essential in order to appropriately meet the needs of students who may be lacking sufficient credits as a direct result of their migratory lifestyle.

    Secondary Credit Accrual 
    The academic progress of migrant students in grades 6-12 is documented in the Individual Migrant Education Plans developed and maintained throughout the school year by the Instructional Officers. The Migrant Student Performance Team (MSPT) made up of the Instructional Officers and Instructional Technology Specialist work in a coordinated effort with campus Counselors, At-Risk Coordinators, Registrars, Teachers and Administrators to communicate on a consistent basis regarding the academic progress of each student and in an effort to intervene and provide assistance to struggling students. 
  • Instructional Staff

    Melissa Ornelas
    Instructional Officer
    (915) 780-5329
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