Middle School Science!

  • Welcome Middle School Science Teachers!
    Welcome to the ESC - Region 19 middle school science site. The science team at Region 19 supports success for all students through teacher and administrator education and collaboration.
    During middle school, students are beginning to consider possible career options. The opinions they have about science at this age will be taken through to further years, with previous experiences or perceptions dramatically impacting their future choices. Region 19 programs help teachers explore ways to get students interested in investigating the world around them.
    Middle school is not only a continuation of learning facts and vocabulary, but also developing the ability to ask scientific questions, plan experiments to answer these questions, and develop reasonable explanations based on their observations. All of our sessions and technical support are built on these principles.
    Our goal is to equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to engage students in meaningful science learning experiences that will improve students' scientific literacy and inspire them to pursue science and engineering related careers.


    Ernesto Herrera

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