ESC 19 Assessment and Book Check-Out

  • Our Education Service Center - Region 19 has a number of assessments and books available to check out.

    Our Lending Lab is located at 6611 Boeing Dr. at the Assistive Technology Lab.

    Please note that any norm referenced assessments will require prior approval before being released for checkout. This is to ensure the assessments are checked out to people who meet the administrator qualifications per assessment.

    Our procedures are as follows: 

    Norm-Reference Assessment Check-Out Steps

    1. Contact Marcela Quintana, 915-780-6506 /] to verify availability of the assessment you need.
    2. Schedule a time with Marcela for assessment check-out. 2-week maximum check-out time. Required items for check out:
    • Verification of evaluator credentials (LSSP, Educational Diagnostician, SLP).
    • For students, a letter from your university professor indicating you are in a class that requires administration of the norm referenced assessment you are checking out. This process is to safeguard the content of the assessments.
    1. At the time of schedule check-out, you will be required to complete the ESC-Region 19 Adaptive Assistive Technology Lending Lab (SPED-F003.0) form that indicates date of check-out and due date for return. This form will gather necessary data for any on-line scoring in which an account will need to be set up in your name, if protocols are purchased from us.
    2. You will be provided information on how to purchase protocols from our School Zone, should you need them. Average price for protocols is between $1.00-$3.00.


Check out basis
ADOS-2 Kit
Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students
Assessment of Basic Skills (Spanish Edition) BRIGANCE Diagnostic
BASC (Behavior Assessment System for Children)
Bateria III
Bateria III
BDAE (The Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination)
BDI 2 Battelle Development Inventory (English)
  • For any questions about our check-out procedures, verify availability for check-out, and set up for pick up time, please contact Marcela Quintana.