ELAR Professional Development Opportunities

  • The ELAR/SLAR team can provide you and your educators with customized and data-driven professional development.  Below is a sample of the services we are certified or qualified to provide.  Please contact one of our professionals if you would like more information, quotes or inquiries.  There is no cost for consultation.

    • Learning Walks
      • There are amazing models working all around our region.  We can help coordinate and lead learning walks with specific focuses (ESL, differentiation, discipline, etc.) that will not only highlight your fantastic staff but also allow them to learn from each other.
      • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) - A great framework that can assist with helping teachers cover the gamut of diverse learners and various learning levels. 
    • PLC support
      • Planning together is a powerful instructional tool.  Using the works of Platt, Tripp, Ogden, Fraser and others, our consultants will work with your teachers and instructional leaders in making the most out of the common planning time by setting up sustainable structures that will lead to improved and targeted instruction.
    • Mentor Teaching/Mentorships
      • Teaching is hard.  Period.  It is always great to have a fellow teacher to bounce ideas off of and learn from.  Our consultants come with a great array of experience and knowledge.  Let us be that friend your teachers can lean on.
    • Lesson Planning Support
      • Our skilled consultants can guide your teachers in creating and refining their lesson plans.  We can help with everything from differentiation to backward design. 
    • Thinking Maps Training
      • A whole school approach that teaches students to visualize their thinking is a fantastic investment.  Our consultants are certified trainers and can help your school become a Thinking Maps campus.  
    • CIRCLE Training
      • CIRCLE Two Day Teacher Training is a two-day program that provides preschool teachers of 3-5-year-old children with an overview of early language and literacy development in young children.  Our certified consultants can guide your teachers through this intense but extremely rewarding training.
    • ESL support
      • Our communities are increasingly diverse in culture and language.  Our ESL certified consultants can help guide your teachers with best practices and action plans that suit the needs of our ever-changing community.
    • EOC/STAAR Support
      • Though it is not all about the test, sometimes extra support is needed.  Our experts can help you and your campus guide your students to get the coveted M&M's (Meets and Masters) through a combination of approaches.
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    Join us for an all-day Face 2 Face session that will help educators guide struggling writers to be more effective. 

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