• STTE Foundation Awards Region 19 Educators

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 11/13/2018

    STTE CREED winners 2018


    Success Through Technology Education (STTE) foundation awarded a select group of local educators who are preparing this region’s next generation of professionals to become leaders in the quickly evolving technology fields. ESC Region 19 congratulates all the honorees and is proud to work with all regional technology teachers through our Career & Technology Education programs.


    Congratulations to our Awardees

    • Entrepreneurship Producer Award – Melissa Alvarez, Del Valle, YISD
    • Technology Cultivator Award – Catherine Tabor, Canutillo ISD
    • Math Architect Award – Francisco Aguilar, Pebble Hills, SISD
    • STEM Creator Award – Raul Santos, Eastwood Robotics, YISD
    • Outstanding School Achievement Award – Harmony
    • Regional Innovator Award – Lydia Hammond, NMSU Arrowhead
    • Inspirational Pathway Award – Mike Pitcher, UTEP
    • Education Leadership Award – Eric Winkelman, EPISD


    More information at: https://sttefoundation.org/news/


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  • Roadtrip Nation Makes Final Stop at Pebble Hills High School

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 11/8/2018

    Students stand outside the Roadtrip Nation RV


    Roadtrip Nation made its last stop at Pebble Hills High School on Thursday, November 8. 


    Shayla Thai, junior at Pebble Hills HS, went on an adventure across Texas in 2017 with Roadtrip Nation to help her find her calling.


    Shayla Thai with Roadtrip Nation Staff


    Watch the heartwarming episode as Shayla and 2 other El Paso students, Chyna Lane and Thomas Pena, embark on a roadtrip and interview a pilot and a pediatrician: roadtripnation.com/roadtrip/texas 


    Texas OnCourse & Roadtrip Nation help high school students with career counseling and provide free resources to help them find a career they love!


    Resources are available for educators, parents and students at: https://texasoncourse.org/


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  • San Elizario ISD Implements New Security Door System

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 11/5/2018

    San Elizario ISD Secured Door


    By Hector Gonzalez


    SAN ELIZARIO, TX – The San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) has implemented a new camera system at the main entrances of Lorenzo G. Loya Primary and Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary. These new security measures are part of the district's continued efforts to keep students safe and secure at all times.


    The system is called “Secure Door Access” and it will require all visitors to buzz-in at the school’s main entrance and identify themselves before having access to the interior of the school.


    “The purpose of this system is to provide our campuses with an extra layer to our already secured perimeter by incorporating technology,” said Horacio Hernandez, Technology Director at SEISD. 


    Once visitors buzz-in and the school’s office staff sees who is at the door through a TV monitor, they will then unlock the door remotely from the office. However, all visitors will need to be carrying their ID at the time of their visit. 

    "Safeguarding the well-being of all students and staff is paramount at our school," said George Augustain, Principal at Lorenzo G. Loya Primary. "Our parents have expressed they are appreciative of the extra precautions our school has taken to ensure the safety of their children. The increase in security has provided peace of mind to parents knowing their child’s safety is being monitored at all times."


    The "Secure Door Access" system will help restrict access to the school, ensuring that unauthorized visitors do not enter the building. Should a security threat arise, we can immediately employ other safety precautions and deny access to the unauthorized person(s). 


    For now, Loya Primary and Sambrano Elementary are the only schools in the district with this system.


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  • San Elizario High School’s Library Open To The Community

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 11/1/2018

    SEISD San Elizario High School Library


    By Hector Gonzalez 


    SAN ELIZARIO, TX – San Elizario High School’s (SEHS) library is officially open to the community of San Elizario and residents can check-out up to six books, use the computers, and print documents for a small fee of 25 cents per page.


    “The availability of libraries to San Elizario citizens is scarce, therefore, our library is a true treasure,” said Belinda Muñoz, SEHS librarian. “The library provides a variety of reading materials for community members, such as an assortment of fiction and nonfiction books, which range from early childhood to adult.” 


    In order to check-out books, visitors will need to present their ID with a current San Elizario address and a utility bill with a current San Elizario address as well. For the use of computers and printers, visitors will need to fill-out and sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form.


    Georgina Diaz, Instructional Officer for San Elizario ISD, says that the SEHS community library is an integral component of the city of San Elizario.


    “I encourage members of the San Eli community to take advantage of our community library. Literacy improves the future of everyone in society, and it is critical to individual and community well-being,” Diaz said.


    The SEHS community library is located at 13981 Socorro Road and is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday.


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  • Happy Halloween From ESC Region 19!

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 10/31/2018






















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  • Head Start Students Trick-or-Treat at ESC Region 19

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 10/29/2018

    Head Start students went trick-trick-or-treating at the ESC Region 19 offices! 

    Trick-or-Treat 2018


    Trick-or-Treat 2018


    Trick-or-Treat 2018


    Trick-or-Treat 2018


    Trick-or-Treat 2018



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  • YISD starts construction on new $32 million Sports Complex at Bel Air High School

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 10/26/2018

    Bel Air High School Gym


    The Bel Air high school gym is being transformed into a state-of-the-art facility as part of the YISD bond projects.


    Bel Air High School Gym


    YISD officials held a groundbreaking ceremony at Bel Air HS for the construction of the $32 million Sports Complex. The building will be 90,000 square feet with a three-level gymnasium, basketball and volleyball courts, dance studio, wrestling area, and indoor track.


    Bel Air High School Gym Rendering


    The new gym is scheduled to open Dec. 2019 and will be open for the surrounding community to use at certain times.


    Bel Air High School Gym Rendering


    Video by Ysleta ISD:



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  • Alarcon Welcomes UTEP & EPCC Interns

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 10/25/2018

    SISD Alarcon Interns


    By Hector Gonzalez


    SAN ELIZARIO, TX – Lorenzo G. Alarcon Elementary is proud to open its doors to students in the Social Work Internship Program from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and El Paso Community College (EPCC). Both colleges have assigned several of their students to complete their internship hours at San Elizario ISD’s Alarcon Elementary campus.


    These students are completing their Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees in Social Work at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. They made the commitment to complete 16 hours of internship per week for a total of 240 hours.


    “We are always so grateful to UTEP and EPCC for sending us interns,” said Nora Garcia, Counselor at Alarcon Elementary. “We love having them here. They serve as additional support to our students, parents, and staff and make an incredible difference in our students’ social and emotional growth. Interns will always be welcomed here with open arms.”


    The interns are: Leslie Ortega (UTEP), Diana Romero (UTEP), Idaly Galindo (UTEP), Kayla Villegas (UTEP), Alma Avila (EPCC), and Jaquelyn Mendoza (EPCC).


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  • 3rd Annual Ysleta ISD Girl Powered Conference Empowers Young Girls

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 10/12/2018

    Young Ysleta ISD student controls a robot with remote control.


    Eastwood Robotics held its 3rd annual Girl Powered Conference at the UTEP UGLC building on Friday Oct. 12, 2018. The conference offered hands-on STEM activities and 30-minute interactive workshops for young girls.


    El Paso Electric employee shows three young students how to do soldering.


    Local companies, including El Paso Electric showed students how they use STEM in their workplace and how women impact their field.


    Eastwood Robotics aims to reach over 500 girls and empower them to pursue a STEM Pathway and/or Career.


    Two young students play soccer with remote control robots.



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  • Region 19 Districts Chosen For Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort

    Posted by Angela Saavedra on 10/3/2018

    Region 19 Districts Chosen For Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort

    TEA News Release Online
    Commissioner Morath announces inaugural Lone Star Governance Exemplar Cohort

    AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Mike Morath announced today that eight Texas school districts have been selected to be part of the inaugural Lone Star Governance (LSG) Exemplar Cohort. The LSG Exemplar Cohort is designed for high-performing local governing teams – school board members and their superintendents – that want to continue honing their intense focus on one primary objective: improving student outcomes.


    The eight governing teams selected to be part of the LSG Exemplar Cohort are from the following districts: Canutillo ISD; Ector County ISD; Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD; Mansfield ISD; Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD; San Elizario ISD; Sierra Blanca ISD; and Tornillo ISD.


    “The leadership at these eight school districts are already demonstrating effective governance practices where the success of every student is the focus,” said Commissioner Morath. “As part of the inaugural LSG Exemplar Cohort, the school board members and superintendents in these districts seek to take their efforts to the next level, which can lead to better student outcomes in their communities.”


    As part of the LSG Exemplar Cohort, district leadership has committed to a year-long process, with the option of an additional one-year extension. Supports for school board members and superintendents include:


    • Attendance at an LSG workshop;
    • Monthly board, board chair, superintendent, and staff implementation support;
    • Quarterly self-evaluation support;
    • All statutorily required board member trainings;
    • Support to earn the upcoming district-level distinction in exemplary governance on the accountability report and Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR);
    • Early access to upcoming Lone Star Governance-related trainings; and
    • Collaboration with high-performing governing teams.



    Click here to read the full press release.


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