Education Service Center- Region 19

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    The purpose of Education Service Center (ESC)-Region 19 is to aid teachers and administrators in the El Paso area in their role as educators of our children. ESC-Region 19 is one of twenty regional service centers located throughout the state that function as a link between the districts and charter schools they serve and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in Austin, the administrative unit of the Texas public education system.


    Supported by state and federal funds, as well as by fees assessed for services, ESC-Region 19 provides professional development in areas such as technology, bilingual education, special education, gifted and talented education, curriculum development, teaching skills, administrative leadership, and programs for at-risk students. ESC-Region 19 offers technical assistance and support in areas such as data processing and instructional media. Field-based regional services to school districts are also provided.


    ESC-19 in El Paso serves the following school districts in El Paso and Hudspeth counties:


    The ESC also serves these charter schools:





    Education Service Center — Region 19 is a community partner that provides core guidance and services for the educational success of every student.



    Education Service Center — Region 19 is committed to ensuring success for all students by providing quality services to all educational partners in our region through a continuous improvement process in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.