• Important

    Annual SPED Self-Assessment

    As a reminder, for this school year LEAs will be required to complete all 23 compliance strategy areas. The window for completion will be April 28, 2023 to September 29, 2023. Many of you have already begun collecting evidence and discussing the compliance strategy items. Please let us know how we can support you.

    Listen to the latest SPEDTalk podcast episode which highlights strategies to address the 23 Compliance Strategy Areas of the Self-Assessment as your district practices continuous improvement. 


    Self-Assessment Resources:

    Region 19 SPED Liaisons Self-Assessment Planning LiveBinder (access key=esc19)

    Region 19 SPED Liaisons Self-Assessment Support

    TEA Self-Assessment Site

  • We are ESC Liaisons

    "Disrupting the status quo to change learning trajectories."   

    Special Education Liaisons in all 20 service centers provide boots on the ground support. With extensive training in Design Thinking and The Four Disciplines of Execution, Liaisons are uniquely equipped to provide support to LEAs in their efforts to positively impact outcomes of students with disabilities. This is just one of the many ways that SPED Liaisons connect resources and supports across Texas to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. As the role of Special Education Liaisons continues to be adapted in response to the evolving needs of our LEAs, turn to them for innovative resources, supports, and services.


  • We can come to you for the sessions below, just ask us.


    ABCs of IEPs 

    This is an interactive, discussion-based, working session that trains your evaluation staff and anyone who facilitates ARD meetings on the use of a comprehensive desk review checklist to verify compliance with federal and state laws as well as identify trends in ARD documentation.


    Understanding Significant Disproportionality

    This virtual learning session will familiarize participants with the key tenets of how Significant Disproportionality (SD) is identified and subsequently monitored and addressed in Texas. It begins with an overview of the Significant Disproportionality regulations and its methodology before exploring SD data calculations, reporting and helpful resources.


    4DX-“There Will Always Be More Good Ideas Than There Is Capacity to Execute”                       

    This active four-hour session will walk you through the process of goal setting that can lead to impactful change.   Your team will review data, set a wildly important goal (WIG), determine lead and lag measures and develop a scoreboard to proudly and publicly share your progress and success.