• Campeones Concurso De Deletreo

    Welcome to ESC19, your gateway to the thrilling world of Spanish spelling bees!

    Note: The ESC-R19 will host the very first State Spanish Spelling Bee in 2025!

    As the proud host and organizer of regional, state, and national-level competitions, ESC19 offers local students a golden chance to shine on a national stage. Our events not only provide an unparalleled platform for students to showcase their linguistic prowess but also serve as a unique opportunity for individuals from across Texas and beyond to explore the vibrant bilingualism and culture of El Paso, TX.

    Participating in our Spanish spelling bees is more than just a competition; it's an enriching experience that fosters self-confidence and cultural exchange. This journey is not just for students but extends to teachers and families, creating a shared adventure that celebrates language, learning, and community. Students walk away with valuable skills and lasting memories, having met peers from diverse backgrounds.

    Join us in making spelling bees an unforgettable and empowering chapter in the educational journey of your students.


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    REGIONAL Spanish Spelling Bee Competition, May 11, 2024

     2024 NATIONAL Spanish Spelling Bee Competition, June 26 - 27, 2024

    Contact Information:

    For more information on how to register for these competitions or learn how to sponsor these fantastic events, please contact:

    Sandra Moreno, Administrative Assistant

    Academic Instruction & School Support Department


    phone: 915-780-5071

    Silvia Zacarias, ESC19 Spanish Spelling Event Organizer & Education Professional Development Consultant

    Academic Instruction & School Support Department


    phone: 915-780-5029