Leadership & Accountability Department

  • The Leadership & Accountability team supports district and campus leadership with professional development, technical assistance and direct services to help ensure that all students in the Region 19 area receive a premiere quality education that enhances their academic performance.

    Leadership development support includes an array of professional learning opportunities that focus on key elements crucial to effective school leadership:

    • Creating Positive School Culture
    • Establishing & Sustaining Vision, Mission and Goals
    • Improving Instruction
    • Managing Data & Processes
    • Developing Self and Others

    Our Leadership & Accountability team offers an array of professional development opportunities to help district and campus leadership develop and reinforce skills needed to implement the new Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS).

    To help enhance district leadership, we also provide school board trainings to all of our districts and charter schools.  In addition, we offer school leadership skill development through our Educational Leadership Academy and Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL).

  • Districts receive guidance on state accountability of schools and systems for sustaining a continuous improvement process within schools.  The support provided to district personnel is designed to enhance general school operations as well as district operations to maximize support to the instructional programs.

Leadership and Accountability group

Supported Services

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