• Promoting Education Excellence

    Education Service Center Region 19 is the link among all educational communities in El Paso & Hudspeth counties and with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in Austin, the administrative unit of the Texas public education system. Our organization serves as a voice box at the state level in representing the needs and gains of our regional community to TEA. In turn, ESC Region 19 is the leading education resource for professional development in areas such as technology, bilingual education, special education, gifted and talented education, curriculum development, teaching skills, administrative leadership, and programs for at-risk students. ESC-Region 19 offers technical assistance and support in areas such as data processing and instructional media. Field-based regional services to school districts are also provided.

  • Goals

    Resource Leader:

    With great pride, our marketing team takes on the responsibility of

    communicating accurate and relevant education information about

    and to our regional stakeholders.


    Increase Engagement:

    Through various communication platforms, including social media,

    ESC19 Marketing promotes education professional development

    opportunities for teachers & administrators as well as deliver

    education news to the general public.


    Education Advocate:

    It is our goal to cultivate partnerships with school districts,

    charter schools, universities, technical schools and industry

    leaders by promoting success stories reflecting our region’s

    commitment to producing a highly educated workforce.

  • Contract Our Services!

    We provide internal & external

    - graphic design,

    - video production and

    - technology consulting.

     Find out more by contacting us:


    Sandra Valladolid

    Marketing & Multi-Media Coordinator

    svalladolid@esc19.net • 915-780-5074


    Carlos M. De La Torre

    Multi-Media & Communications Specialist

    cmdelatorre@esc19.net • 915-780-5072


    Oscar Castañeda

    Graphic Artist

    cmdelatorreodcastaneda@esc19.net • 915-780-5081

  • Marketing & Multi-Media Services

    We are a one-stop professional in-house marketing department with a mission to promote and elevate the outstanding educational opportunities in our community. From multi-media presentations to event promotions, we provide creative services & marketing for ESC Region 19 programs, external education associations and partnerships.

    Event Promotions

    • Get Connected

    Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest education updates and news. If you would like to submit an idea for a news story to be featured on our website, social media, Round Up newsletter, or with our media advertising partners, please contact our marketing department (news@esc19.net).


    EVENT PROMOTIONS includes, but not limited, to:

    • public relations  • displays  • email campaigns  and • commercial advertising.

  • Creative Designs

    • Creative Services

    In addition to promotional services through advertising on our various platforms, our department offers creative services for digital web design, video production and multi-media graphics. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or requesting services, please use our Workfront application system to contact us.


    CREATIVE DESIGNS available for:

    • customized branding  • staging  • webpages  • presentations and more!

  • Video Production


    Video Production Services  are available for both field and in studio projects such as:

    - classroom observations  - presentation/instructional videos and  -  promotional content for advertising.