Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS)

  • Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS) is the Commissioner Recommended principal evaluation system for the state of Texas starting in the 2016/2017 school year.  Region 19 hosts T-PESS trainings throughout the year; you can find dates and registration information about these trainings at www.esc19.net.


    The intended purpose of the Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS) is to assess the principal’s performance in relation to the Texas Principal Standards. The evaluation should take place in a collegial and non-threatening manner. The principal will take the lead in conducting the evaluation through the use of self-assessment, reflection, and input gathered from various stakeholders with an interest in the leadership of the school. The evidence and documentation gathered by the principal is not intended to become a portfolio. Rather, it should provide a basis for self-assessment, goal setting, professional development planning, and demonstration of performance on specific standards. A standardized principal evaluation system will:

    • serve as a measurement of leadership performance,
    • guide leaders as they reflect upon and improve their effectiveness,
    • focus the goals and objectives of schools and districts as they support, monitor, and evaluate their principals,
    • guide professional development for principals,
    • serve as a tool in developing coaching and mentoring programs for principals, and
    • inform higher education programs in developing the content and requirements of degree programs that prepare future principals.
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