Forth Grade Focal Points

  • 1. Developing fluency with efficient use of the four arithmetic operations on whole numbers and using this knowledge to solve problems.

    Students add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers fluently; justify these procedures; and use them to solve problems, including developing formulas for perimeter and area.


    2. Measuring angles

    Students understand and apply the characteristics of angles and angle measure.


    3.  Understanding decimals and addition and subtraction of decimals

    Students use understanding of base-10 place value and equivalent fractions to develop understanding of decimals as numbers and of procedures for adding and subtracting decimals.


    4. Building foundations for addition and subtraction of fractions

    Students use their understanding of fractions as numbers along with their understanding of addition and subtraction to develop understanding of and procedures for adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. Students use these understandings and procedures to solve problems.


    In order to dig deeper into the standards and get help with teaching strategies we are providing the additional links below.  Click on the strand you are interested in...


    numbers and operation    Algebraic reasoning    Geometry and measurement    Data Analysis    personal financial literacy


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