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San Elizario HS Cosmetology Student Donates Hair to Wigs For Kids

Marlene Gonzalez


By SEISD News/Hector Gonzalez


SAN ELIZARIO, TX – For most young girls in high school, getting a haircut can be nerve-racking because they never know what the end-product will look like. For Marlene Gonzalez, a senior and Cosmetology 2 student at San Elizario High School (SEHS), cutting 14 inches of her hair was not such a big deal especially when it is for a good cause.


“When I asked my Cosmetology teacher if she could please cut my hair she was happy to do so,” Gonzalez said. “As she was cutting it, she mentioned that my hair was long enough to donate it if I wanted to and I said yes.”


“I am really proud of Marlene,” said Erica Sanchez, Cosmetology Instructor at SEHS. “The fact that she did not hesitate to donate her hair to the organization ‘Wigs For Kids’ is truly an admirable act. Her kind gesture is going to change someone else’s life for the better.”


Gonzalez said that even though cutting 14 inches of her hair was going to change her look completely, she knew she was going to put a smile on a young child’s face.


“I am excited to know that my hair is going to make a little kid really happy,” she said. “It is going to boost their self-esteem and allow them to feel better about themselves. That is why I rather donate my hair to those who need it than have it go to waste.”


Gonzalez said she plans to continue donating her hair as soon as it gets long enough to do so.