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San Elizario ISD Board Presents Student Outcomes to Faculty

San Elizario ISD Board Presents Student Outcomes to Faculty


By SEISD News/Hector Gonzalez


SAN ELIZARIO, TX –  It has been six months since the Texas Education Agency (TEA) selected the San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) as one of eight Texas school districts to be part of the inaugural Lone Star Governance (LSG) Exemplar Cohort. Since then, the district’s Board of Trustees, Superintendent, and faculty and staff have been hard at work in an effort to take the school district to the next level. 


San Elizario ISD’s Board of Trustees have made it a point to visit all of the district’s six campuses to give teachers a special presentation on improving student outcomes and to answer any questions they might have about LSG.


“We want to begin the two-way communication between board members and faculty,” said Sandra Licon, Board Vice President. “We want our teachers to know that we are here for them and that we need to work together in order to reach our goals as a district.”


April Marioni, Principal at GEMS, said her teachers were very receptive and the Board’s presentation helped set the tone as to what direction the school district is headed.


“The presentation at our campus went very well,” Marioni said. “It says a lot when our board members come down to our school and speak to our teachers directly, in this case about LSG. It shows they are a very supportive Board whose main goal is student outcomes.”


Adriana Castruita, a 7th grade Social Studies teacher at GEMS, said the Board’s presentation on student outcomes was informative.


“The presentation provided teachers with a clear guidance about the district’s goals,” she said. “I also think it was nice to see our board members visit our campus and ask for our input. That shows our voice matters and they are with us every step of the way.”


The LSG Exemplar Cohort is designed for high-performing local governing teams—school board members and their superintendents—that want to continue honing their focus on improving student outcomes.