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Opportunity for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction students to make as much as $45/hour right after high school!

Opportunity for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction students to make as much as $45/hour right after high school!


Written by Carlos De La Torre





According to various reports for 2019-2020, the average salary for Architects and Civil Engineers in the State of Texas ranges from $80,000 and $130,000. We live in an era where students are finding that, instead of going into a traditional career, entrepreneurship has become a staple and the digital age is allowing for high school students to create a new type of career. However, as society evolves, the field of Construction proves to be one of the most essential and prominent careers that exists today. The expansion of cities, towns, residential, and even rural areas, is something we see every day and will continue as time goes by. The construction field is constantly helping our society expand and is looking for students that desire to pursue a career that can help that expansion grow.


ESC Region 19 has teamed up with the Texas Education Agency, Jordan Foster Construction, and MNK Architects to create the iBuild Summer Program. This program helps students explore and prepares them for a career in various types of Architecture and Construction. This program is designed for Middle School and High School students who are interested in pursuing careers in one of the high paying career fields that include Architecture, Civil Drafters, Engineer, Environmental Designer, Electrician, HVAC Specialist, and more! Not only is this apprenticeship showing students the different dynamics of Architecture and Construction, but this summer program will also allow students to receive High School and College Credit to further their education at a faster pace! Upon completing the program, students will also gain certifications and be able to jumpstart their careers sooner after graduating high school. These certifications will facilitate students getting jobs that pay anywhere from $45-$75 an hour right out of high school! “STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) really matters.


Bringing in young Architects and young Civil Engineers to get important background on this industry is what we want. Internships and Apprenticeships in the construction business are invaluable. It’s extremely hands-on which is something we’re proud of,” says Joe M. Gomez, Director of Business Development & Community Affairs at Jordan Foster Construction. “Region 19 is ahead a lot of folks with this externship program. And we at Jordan Foster Construction are happy to be teaming up with them and enjoy passing on experience and information to a younger generation.”


Students and Parents! Remember that this program is open to middle school and high school students interested in exploring the many opportunities in the fields of architecture & construction. The program offers course credit available with your district and EPCC while also providing industry-based certification preparation and exams. Come join us for fun activities and learn from our local El Paso leaders in the industry! If you're a student and interested in attending, contact your school counselor to get registered today!


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