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ESC 19’s Innovative Video Series - COVID-19 school cleaning.

COVID Cleaning

Intelligently Cleaning Schools for Health Video Training Series 

ESC Region 19’s New and Innovative Video Series for effective cleaning of schools during COVID-19.  

Written by Carlos M. De La Torre 

EL PASO, TX – In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, janitorial staff are highly encouraged to enroll in Intelligent Cleaning for Health offered by professional development leader Education Service Center Region 19. Schools all over the country have started their 2020-2021 school year in the age of COVID-19. Some schools have returned to their respective campuses with limited capacities of students and staff in a distant learning format, while other schools have already returned to in-person instruction. With most school districts offering parents the choice to continue at-home distance learning or proceed with the in-person instruction, parents struggle with the decision. Parents are facing the choice between keeping their kids safe from coronavirus and the importance of their children receiving proper education for their development. Many parents wonder if schools are taking the proper precautions which include wearing a mask, social distancing, facilitating hand washing, and equally as important, intense cleaning of the campus. Because sanitizing of the campus is important for the safety of the students and staff, Custodial and Grounds team members are extremely essential. Additionally, it is just as pivotal for support services to receive opportunities for professional development as it is for teachers and administrators. A 

Intelligent Cleaning for Health is a virtual training program for custodial cleaning staff and other associated staff that will be providing cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure schools are prepared for children as we slowly transition to hybrid and face to face learning,” says John Alarcon, Director of Facilities Maintenance, Transportation, and Support for ESC Region 19. “The purpose of the training is to ensure a consistent message of proper cleaning, disinfecting and safety are utilized by all staff tasked with this very important responsibility.” ESC Region 19 is partnering with The Kings Intelligent Cleaning for Health for this series and follows direct guidelines for cleaning from the Center for Diseases Center (CDC)Texas Education Agency (TEA), and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure quality and assurance through the proper agencies.  
“COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting…will your school be ready when kids return? Preparing your cleaning staff for the spotlight on school cleanliness and disinfecting,” says Alarcon. “Intelligent Cleaning for Health prepares custodial staff and associated staff with the knowledge to meet the new demands of school cleaning and disinfecting.” The three modules included in the series will focus on Guidelines for Cleaning, Philosophy and Science of Cleaning for Health, and Engineering of Cleaning for Health with guidance from the CDC, TEA and EPA. Alarcon emphasizes that, “These self-paced courses will be offered in English and Spanish and will test and increase the cleaning skills and knowledge of the keeper of your school, your professional custodial staff.” 


Education Service Center Region 19 cares about taking the lead in assuring our region is pro-active and adapting to changing times of the current glosbal pandemic safety protocols and students’ needs. For more information and registration details for this important training series, please visit the links below!