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New Engaging and Informative STEM Series

New Engaging and Informative Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics Series

ESC Region 19 STEM Collaborative


Ongoing series offering courses into 2022

Written by Carlos M. De La Torre


EL PASO, TX (November 2021)— The workplace has evolved into a technology-centric environment across all fields and positions. Educators have realized this over time and have aptly adapted to prepare students for the workforce upon high school graduation. Education Service Center Region 19 has launched an initiative to help support this very effort.


"The Region 19 STEM Collaborative is a project designed exclusively to promote and support STEM learning across our region." Ernesto Herrera, Professional Development Consultant in ESC Region 19’s Academic Instruction & School Support Department speaks on the importance of supporting STEM Programs. “As we witness firsthand the modernization of the workplace as a highly dynamic and evolving entity, we are in like manner witnessing the development of a model of learning in our educational system that centers around the experiential, active-learning approach,” says Herrera.  


Texas Education Agency (TEA) supports and encourages STEM learning, so much so that they have made it a requirement for schools to begin incorporating some form of STEM learning by 2023. TEA has also created the Texas EcosySTEM Grant as an effort to support STEM in our respective regions across Texas.


“The Region 19 STEM Collaborative is focused primarily on supporting these developmental educational models by providing training, facilitation, and ongoing support for teachers across our regions”, Herrera states. “[This initiative was] created as a vehicle for extending the Agency’s grant-based effort to provide this grassroots support for schools. Looking ahead, we plan to continue evolving and growing as we serve and support our schools and teachers in Region 19 with all things STEM.”


This month on November 6, 2021, the Region 19 STEM Collaborative will offer their Field Trip Series: DinoTracks Fieldtrip Tour and Curriculum that begins with a tour of the DinoTracks site to see real dinosaur footprints, aquatic fossils and other geology teaching sites with in-person and augmented reality formats for your convenience.


You can REGISTER for this course and more as well as view the calendar and course descriptions for all upcoming ESC Region 19 STEM Collaborative Sessions in the links below.



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