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Architecture and Construction Camp back in person!

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iBuild Architecture and Construction Camp 2022

By Carlos M. De La Torre and Frank Nolasco


EL PASO, TX (July 2022)-- This summer, Education Service Center Region 19 hosted the iBuild Architecture and Construction Camp 2022. Middle and high school students from across the region were invited to attend the Starlight Event Center over eight days to complete hands-on, work-based activities. “Students are often asked to choose a career pathway by 9th grade and, unfortunately, don’t have a full understanding of the career paths they select”, says Frank Nolasco, ESC Region 19 Professional Development Consultant. “The students who attended the iBuild camp now have a better and deeper understanding of the Architecture and Construction career cluster.  Some students walked away feeling that construction was not for them, but others found out that they liked it. In either case, the students had fun, learned a lot, and have these experiences to help them make career decisions.”

This free camp met from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Students received instruction aligned to state standards for Principles of Construction.  However, students weren’t the only ones who benefited from this summer program. ESC Region 19 partnered with Aztec Contractors, the City of El Paso, Classic American Homes, and BTC to provide presenters and visits to construction sites. “There are many misconceptions about the construction industry and industry partners we met with were eager to set the record straight.  While growing up, some construction workers were told that the construction industry required no skills and only offered low wages.  The truth is, construction requires specialized skills and pays very well” says Nolasco. “They also shared that there is a high need for construction workers in our area and that starting pay has risen to $15 per hour.”


The experiences were a great introduction to careers that are in high demand and offer high wages locally. Each student also received a paid seat for online OSHA 30-Hour General Industry training that they can complete on their own time. 1 


“It wasn’t just the students who benefitted from participating in iBuild.  I was able to refresh my knowledge of pedagogy, classroom management, and the architecture and construction career cluster.  I am grateful for this because my professional work is in career and technical education.  The best part was that it was fun!”


For more information, please contact Frank Nolasco, Professional Development Consultant, at 915-780-5324 or


1Regional Labor Market Information WDA 10. (2022, February 18). [Dataset]. Texas Education Agency.


Students at Aztec Construction Site

Students at Aztec Construction

Aztec Construction Site Harmony

BTC Construction Site