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CTE Awareness Month: Empowering the Future!

Empowering the Future: Local Media Spotlight on Regional Career and Technical Education, During CTE Awareness Month

El Paso, Texas (February 9, 2024) — Education Service Center Region 19 (ESC19) is proud to announce February as Career and Technical Education (CTE) Awareness Month, dedicated to highlighting the crucial role CTE plays in preparing students for successful careers and college pathways. ESC19 is committed to fostering innovation, growth, and excellence in education, and CTE is a cornerstone in achieving these goals. ESC19 offers professional development opportunities for educators, including field externships and conferences, enabling them to provide real-world education for students in our region.

Career and Technical Education equips students with cutting-edge, rigorous, and relevant skills necessary for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers. ESC19 recognizes the pivotal role CTE plays in ensuring that today's youth and adults are prepared for the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Angelica Haro, ESC19 Technology Director, emphasizes the importance of students obtaining certifications in high school, stating, "In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, it is crucial for students to acquire certifications during their high school years. This not only ensures they are ready for the workforce but also sets a strong foundation for further education. CTE serves as a bridge between academic learning and practical application, preparing students for success in both a career and college upon graduation."

As ESC19 celebrates CTE Awareness Month, the center reaffirms its commitment to providing students with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive and dynamic workforce. For more information on ESC19 and its CTE initiatives, please visit

Key Facts about CTE:  CTE students earn industry certifications, licenses, postsecondary certificates, associate degrees, bac



For information about what is CTE and what pathways are available in Texas, visit:


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About Education Service Center Region 19 (ESC19):

Education Service Center Region 19 (ESC19) is dedicated to promoting educational excellence by providing professional development, technical assistance, and resources to educators and school districts in the region. ESC19 serves as a valuable partner in fostering innovation, collaboration, and student success.

For media inquiries, interviews, or coverage of regional CTE programs or CTE summer conference, please contact:  Oscar Carrera, ESC19 Professional Development Consultant & CTE Summer Conference Organizer:; 915-780-6522