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EPISD Wins Regional Spanish Spelling Bee





El Paso, Texas (MAY 11, 2024) – In a spellbinding showcase of linguistic skill, Diego Hernández-Salinas from Wiggs Middle School emerged victorious after an unprecedented 21 rounds at the ESC19 Regional Spanish Spelling Bee held this morning. Not far behind, Emiliano Ferran Martínez Caloca from Mesita Elementary School secured second place, both shining representatives of the El Paso Independent School District.


Twenty-one students, spanning from 4th to 8th grade and hailing from various school districts and charter schools across the region, converged at the Education Service Center Region 19 for this exhilarating competition. The triumph of Hernández-Salinas and Martínez Caloca secures their spots to vie for glory at the National Spanish Spelling Bee on June 26-27, 2024, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Starlight Event Center at 6650 Continental Drive.


Dr. Jóse A. Velázquez, Director of ESC19 Academic Instruction and School Support, expressed the deeper significance of such events, stating, "Participating in the Spanish spelling bees is more than just a competition; it's an enriching experience that fosters self-confidence and cultural exchange. This journey is not just for students but extends to teachers and families, creating a shared adventure that celebrates language, learning, and community. Students walk away with valuable skills and lasting memories, having met peers from diverse backgrounds."


Silvia Zacarias, ESC19 Professional Development Consultant and SSB organizer, commended the participants, remarking, "Today's regional Spanish spelling bee showcased an exceptional display of linguistic prowess and professionalism from our students. Their remarkable command of Spanish and dedication to excellence exemplify true champions. We are immensely proud of each participant for their outstanding performance. ¡Todos son campeones de deletreo!"


The accolades were richly deserved, with Hernández-Salinas claiming the top spot and receiving a gleaming trophy, while Martínez Caloca and Isis Olvera from Harmony School of Excellence, who secured third place, were honored with plaques. Every participant was recognized for their efforts with medals and certificates.








For those interested in sponsorship opportunities or participation in the National Spanish Spelling Bee, event contacts are as follows:

Silvia Zacarias, ESC19 Spanish Spelling Bee Event Organizer,

David Briseño, National Spanish Spelling Bee Founder and Coordinator,