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San Elizario HS Seniors Register for College at Operation College Bound

SEISD College Bound


San Elizario High School seniors received on-site enrollment and advising services at their campus in a partnership between EPCC, UTEP and San Elizario ISD.


Operation College Bound was held May 1, at San Elizario High School where EPCC and UTEP advising staff met with graduating seniors in the school gym and library to provide an easy, convenient transition to post-secondary education.


SEISD College Bound


Region 19 College and Career Readiness staff was at the event to provide support and create awareness for college readiness.


“Bringing these resources directly to the students is a great way to ensure they complete the enrollment process for college,” ESC 19 Professional Development Consultant, Adriana Escobedo said. “Having the event at their campus provides a safe and secure environment in which they feel comfortable.”


For more information and resources on College and Career readiness visit:


SEISD College Bound