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ESC Region 19 Is Proud to host TEA and Jobs for the Future

Texas Regional Pathways Nerwork


EL PASO – August 14, 2019 - ESC Region 19 is proud to announce that we have been awarded the CTE Perkins Reserve Grant for the 2019-2020 school year. As part of the grant, ESC 19 will take part in the Texas Regional Pathways Network, collaborating with 8 area school districts, post- secondary, and partners from the community and private sector.  This project will allow us as a region to strengthen pathways in Healthcare and IT for our area students to receive the necessary opportunities in education, training, and workforce skills for a successful career.


ESC 19 will host a Regional asset meeting August 20-21, 2019 with Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Jobs for the Future (JFF) staff to provide regional teams with support in launching pathways. During the site visit, TEA and JFF staff will learn more about our region and plans for pathways and will engage with regional teams in a collaborative process to identify areas of strength and growth, decide together on the focus of technical assistance, and identify opportunities to strategically advance regional pathways and partnerships.


Regional teams include Healthcare and Information Technology (IT) professionals, college leadership and staff who manage dual-credit partnerships, district CTE directors, superintendents and staff as well as ESC Region 19 College and Career Readiness staff.


If you have any questions about the site visit, please contact Angie Haro, Director of Information & Instructional Technology Services at 915-780-6505 / or Oscar Carrera, Professional Development Consultant at 915-780-6522 /