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2019 Charting the Course Event

2019 Charting the Course Event

Students interacting at Charting the Course, Day 1. 2019     Empowering Hands Counselor assisting Students at Charting the Course event, Day 2

(El Paso, TX) – NOVEMBER 14, 2019 Students with disabilities, and their parents, question what they might do after graduation. ESC Region 19 and the Texas Workforce Commission teamed up on November 13th and 14th for the second annual Charting the Course event to help remedy those concerns. This event served as a catalyst for students nearing graduation in Grades 8, 9, and 12 to better help prepare them for life after high school.

 “It’s important to let them know about the programs that are available because these are the people that are going to be providing services to the students after they leave our system,” said Leah Wood, a Project Manager for the Special Education Department at ESC Region 19. “They can help them with employment, post-secondary, schooling—whatever they need as they go through adult life”

These events were held over a two-day period with Day 1 taking place at Sunland Park Mall for West Side El Paso School Districts and Day 2 at the conference rooms inside ESC Region 19’s Head Start Center on Chito Samaniego Dr. for East Side Districts. Empowering Hands, an employment service agency, was present on both days to give presentations for the students, parents, and teachers on topics such as Self Advocacy, Career Assessment, and Employability.

“I believe that there should be more events of this kind,” said Claudia Lopez, Parent of Eunice Lopez, one of the students in attendance. “I think it is also very important for us as parents to become more involved. Because many times what happens is that we think that, because our children have a disability, that maybe they can’t go further than their current schooling. But it is important to get informed that there are more opportunities for them to become more independent.”

We want to thank the Special Education Departments from various school districts in the El Paso region that were present for this important. They engaged in various activities to show the importance of planning ahead, and more importantly, to show them the many resources that exist so they don’t have to face the workforce alone.