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Eduphoria and its impact in Instructional Technology

(Teachers at ESC19 Eduphoria Training, 2019)

Eduphoria and its impact in Instructional Technology and Education

Hands on training of Eduphoria and networking for educators continues to be in high demand from all of our regional districts. The software's applications assist in every aspect of the school day, from lesson planning to monitoring student progress & streamlining administrative duties. ESC19 provides training throughout the year to support the demand for use of this highly instrumental education tool.

By housing information and data in one location, campuses and districts are able to monitor the progress of all instructional practices through a software that is making an impact for Instructional Technology. Eduphoria is a program that provides tools to help teachers and administrators with data analysis to drive instruction and develop lesson plans, evaluate staff, and capture key information necessary for the success of all students.

The ability for Teachers to use data in their attempt to improve instruction is now more accessible than ever. Eduphoria is serving as a guide that uses District, State, and National standards to help Teachers in their instruction on a day to day basis. “This is the curriculum that all our ISDs, some charters and some private schools are already using across our region,” said Yoscelina Hernandez, ESC19 Instructional Technology Specialist. “Teachers pull the questions that are already tied to the standards and assess the progress students are making throughout the year so that the support for a student is targeted.”

ESC Region 19 offers trainings for Euphoria as well as support. Monica Gonzalez, Technology Products and Support Manager encourages Educators to contact her to help facilitate the use of this important technology.

For more information on Eduphoria please visit ESC Region 19’s Instructional Technology page.